We host regular club nights at a variety of locations throughout the year.


During the summer months we meet at either Two Tree Island or at Garons Running Track, while the winter sessions start from Chalkwell.


Each session is tailored to suit a range of abilities with one session normally being a club run ranging from 3 - 6 miles in length dependent upon ability, while the other session; run by one of our qualified coaches is targeted more towards a specific activity. This could be a speed session, hill repetitions or intervals between 200m & 1 mile.


The sections below contain more information on each of our training sessions plus an important note on car security.


If you would like to join us for a run or require further information on how to join LoSS then please send an email to Catherine Patterson at in the first instance.

LOSS Get Back To Running Programme January 2019

Yes it’s back again, this time to fall in line in with those New Year Resolutions.  Open to all members keen to work their way back to fitness and friends and family of members. Plus the great thing about this Couch to 5k programme is unlike boot camps and gyms who cash in on the excess of Christmas our programme is FREE. Below are all the details you need to register an interest:


Start Date – 7:30pm Monday 7th January 2019 (8 week Programme, every Monday)
Location   – back of Chalkwell Station on the seafront
Open to    – All existing members, all friends and family of members looking to increase fitness and get back running.
Age – Must be 16+ on the 7th January 2019.
Fitness level required – The aim take you off the sofa and getting you running 5k non-stop in 8 weeks. Week one will be: - Run 3mins/Walk 2mins repeat 6 times


Whoever is interested in this programme then please drop an email to so we can add your name to the list.


Feel free to spread the word, last January we had 100+ people turn up for week one!

Summer Training


We try to make the most of the lighter evenings during the summer months by arranging for our group run to start and end at Two Tree Island. This allows us to use footpaths and terrain that isn't in the best of condition during the winter. We also have the added bonus of being able to use routes that are further away from our winter meeting point with these runs taking place on the Island itself or around the vicinity of Hadleigh Castle and the sea wall towards Benfleet.


For our tailored session during the week we use the running track at Garons Leisure Centre, and this rewarding session can consist of anything between 100m sprints & 1 mile intervals. These sessions have been devised by and are run by our qualified team of coaches, and definitely place the focus on fun.


Both the weekly club run and the tailored session are designed to cater for all abilities.

Winter Training


Just like in the summer the weekly format consists of a club run and a coach-led session designed around repititions and intervals.


The difference with our winter training however is that during the winter months we arrange for our sessions to take place on well lit footpaths in the Leigh & Chalkwell areas. These take place across a variety of local locations including amongst others; Chalkwell Park, Cliffs Pavillion or Belton Way, and as always, each session is carefully explained beforehand and is designed to cater for a variety of abilities.


As it is darker and colder during the winter we strongly encourage everyone to wear warm and easily seen clothing.

5K Time Trial

Every 6 weeks or so our group run session is dedicated to a 5K time trial where our members can push themselves towards that elusive PB without the pressure of being in a competitive race.


These are excellent sessions for those who want to give it a little bit more than normal and who have set themselves a target as regular club runners will normally act as pace makers so you can go for your target time alongside an experienced runner who will be able to evenly pace the run on your behalf.


During the winter these take place along the sea front at Chalkwell, while in the summer we have a measured course around Two Tree Island.

Vehicle Security

During the first training session of 2015, a couple of club members unfortunately had their cars broken into and items taken from them whilst parked on Chalkwell seafront. Running clubs are being targeted and LoSS is not the first club in the Southend area to have had problems in the last year.

If you can, it is advisable to walk/run to training or leave your car in an alternative location.

The Police have been informed and hopefully will be able to catch those responsible. In the meantime, here are a few suggestions for when you do drive to training:


  • Don't leave anything at all on show in the car, even sweatshirts or water bottles. This gives an obvious sign you're a runner and will be away from the car for a while.

  • Lock everything you bring in the boot

  • If you can live without it for an hour, don't bring it. Bags, wallets, purses, mobile phones etc.

  • Don't leave keys in the car, find a way to bring with you only the keys you need and get something to carry them with you. There's plenty of cheap armbands, wristbands, gloves, foot pouches etc you can buy which will hold a couple of keys.

  • Don't leave anything in the bushes at the start (some still do), it will be gone sooner or later.

  • Test

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